09: Legal Issues for Entrepreneurs (Robert Wakulat) - June 10, 2015

On Episode 9 of Lawyered, we discuss the legal issues facing enterpreneurs, with social enterprise lawyer, Robert Wakulat.

Topics include: crowdfunding, non-profit corporations and social enterprises.

Full Episode (34:16) DOWNLOAD

1. Kickstarting the Crowdfunding Campaign (12:37) DOWNLOAD
Introduction of Proposed Prospectus Exemptions and Proposed Reports of Exempt Distribution in Ontario

2. Fixing the Non-Profit Sector (9:38) DOWNLOAD

Not-for Profit Corporations Act (S.C. 2009, c. 23)

3. The Social Enterprise (13:33) DOWNLOAD

Ontario Social Enterprise Panel Findings and Recommendations Report

About the Guest:

Robert Wakulat is a business lawyer whose practice focuses on working with social innovators and entrepreneurs. Robert specializes in providing practical business and governance solutions to a wide range of organizations operating in the social enterprise sector.

Robert’s engagement in the entrepreneural space extends to his role as a mentor in OCAD University’s Imagination Catalyst program.

Before co-founding Wakulat Dhirani LLP, Robert operated his own practice and was a legal professional with Japan’s largest corporate law firm Nishimura & Asahi.

Wakulat Dhirani LLP


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