63: Data Protection Law (Kris Klein) - May 26, 2021

On this episode, we’re chatting about data protection law with Kris Klein, renowned privacy lawyer and the Canadian Managing Director of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Topics: Bill C-11 (the biggest privacy legislation overhaul in decades); facial recognition technology; the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal and our Ask-Me-Anything segment.

BONUS EP 2 – Finding Purpose in Public Sector Work (Susheel Gupta) - October 28, 2020

In our latest bonus episode, we speak with Susheel Gupta about public sector work.  Susheel is a Canadian lawyer whose incredible story, stemming from a tragic murder, spurred him to serve in numerous impressive roles in the federal public sector, including as: a federal prosecutor, a Vice-Chair of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, and an RCMP advisor in the Counter-Terrorism & National Security group.

This episode features a candid look at life at various levels of the public sector and includes career tips for lawyers at all levels of call.

59: Agricultural Law (KJ Chong) - August 5, 2020

In this conversation, we speak about the growing (pun intended) world of agricultural law, with KJ Chong, legal counsel from BroadGrain Commodities

Topics: food exporting and safety during COVID; the one-page agreement for the agricultural sector; new grain declarations in NAFTA 2.0 and our Ask-Me-Anything segment.