BONUS EP 4: Mental Health in the Legal Profession (Doron Gold) - January 25, 2022

In this bonus episode, we’re having a timely and candid conversation about mental health in the legal profession, featuring psychotherapist, clinician and former lawyer, Doron Gold.

This discussion features a thoughtful look at the spectrum of mental health issues with practical solutions as well.

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In the full ~75-minute episode, you’ll hear Doron tackle a number of topics, including:

?Why is the legal profession uniquely impacted by mental health issues?
?What are some practical things that can improve the mental health environment in law school and in the legal profession?
?How do we reconcile the tension between perfectionism and diligence?
?What does it look like to model humanity in the workplace?
?Are there reasons to be optimistic about the future of law?


About the Guest:

Doron Gold is a Staff Clinician at Homewood Health, the provider of the Ontario legal profession’s Member Assistance Program. He is a Registered Social Worker, Certified Professional Coach and psychotherapist, as well as having previously practiced law for 10 years, primarily as a family and civil litigator. Since 2006, Doron has assisted lawyers, paralegals, law students, judges and their immediate family members with personal and professional issues such as addiction, depression, anxiety and career stress. Doron’s role at Homewood Health includes psychotherapy with clients, assisting with the ongoing management of Homewood’s peer volunteer program as well as providing workshops and presentations to various groups in the community.

Doron has written and been quoted extensively in publications such as Lawyers’ Weekly, Law Times, Canadian Lawyer and LawPro Magazine on various topics related to lawyer distress and wellness. As well, Doron wrote a regular “Lawyer Therapist” column in Law Times. Doron has been asked to speak to various groups throughout Ontario on topics as varied as Work-Life Balance, Lawyer Stress 101, Retirement, Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue. He is the co-author of the Canadian Bar Association’s “Mental Health and Wellness in the Legal Profession” online course and is the recipient of the 2016 CBA Wellness Forum Award of Excellence.​”

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Doron Gold – The Lawyer Therapist
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