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OK, what’s this about?

In 2014, I started the Lawyered podcast to help “declutter” Canadian law. So far, I’ve interviewed guests from over 50 different areas: environmental law, mental health law, gaming law, food law, and many more. If you’ve been following this show, I want to say thank you for your loyal and thoughtful support over all these years.

As you likely suspect, it requires a lot of time and resources to produce this podcast. So far, I’ve been self-funding this pro bono project for over five years, and operating it alongside my full-time job. This means that, without more help, I can only produce episodes at this current frequency and this current quality.

So, I’m looking for financial support to make this show better for everyone. Most of these funds will go towards hiring paid professionals to manage much of the technical work (sound editing, website support, etc). I’ll also be using these funds to add more features to improve the show, like full transcripts, and CPD programming in order to make this show more accessible.

This will free up literally days of my month, so I can create more content in a manner that is more available for Canadians nation-wide. By hiring audio professionals, you can also enjoy a podcast that is higher quality as well.

Regardless, this podcast is going to continue being free for everybody no matter what.


Cool, I want to help!

If you’re interested in supporting this project, I’m inviting you to become a ‘patron’ by contributing a monthly amount towards this project. To be clear, this is not just a one-way charitable donation.

In fact, depending on how much you contribute, you’ll receive exclusive rewards that can allow you to become part of this show. For example, you can:

  • contribute your own questions for me to ask our episode guests;
  • receive individualized shoutouts on the episodes;
  • join curated interactive discussions about the legal practice;
  • receive early access to all regular episodes;
  • listen to bonus episodes a new series (“Lawyered Unplugged”) where we’ll have frank conversations about law and how to make it better; and
  • enjoy many other benefits

All these rewards are explained in detail on the Patreon page HERE.

Hold up, did you say you’re doing bonus episodes?

Yep! As an exclusive reward for most patrons, I’ll be producing a secondary set of podcast episodes, called “Lawyered Unplugged”.

They’ll still be interview-based, but rather than focussing on the substantive side of the law, we’re going to be getting more practical and things we can all do to make the law less cluttered.

I’m going to be publishing these bonus episodes on a bi-monthly basis and they will feature interviews a bunch of fascinating people (some lawyers and some non-lawyers), each handpicked because they have something important to say about how we can make the law better. I’ve got a bunch of guests lined up to speak about issues like: law school tactics, dealing with race as a lawyer and even day-to-day project management. While the regular episodes are usually about 30 minutes these bonus episodes are going to be 45-60 minutes.

Our first bonus episode featured Elsa Ascencio and Bhuvana Rai, and we spoke about building connections within the legal community, especially within the community. If you want to hear a free preview of this episode, you can download it here or stream it on our website right here.

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Anything Else?

This has already been a long post, but I want to extend a special thanks again to you for supporting this show throughout these years, whether you’ve been a former guest, listener and/or just a friend. This project is no cakewalk but your encouragement has been a guiding light.

Your support in this campaign in any way, it would mean the world to me. No matter what, you have my word that I’m going to keep working on this show for as long as I can with the resources available.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks to all of our generous patrons that are helping to make this show happen!

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